All You Need to Know About the History of Panchakanya

All You Need to Know About the History of Panchakanya

The Panchkanya - Ahalya, Draupadi, Kunti, Tara, and Mandodari - are some of the most iconic characters in Hindu shastra. Their stories have been told for generations and continue to inspire people worldwide.


The history of the Panchkanya dates back centuries, with their tales being recounted in various texts such as the Mahabharata and Ramayana. These five kanyas represent different aspects of femininity - strength, courage, loyalty, love, and wisdom - which makes them an important part of Indian culture. From Ahalya's redemption to Draupadi's resilience in times of adversity; Kunti's devotion to her sons to Tara's unconditional love for Vali; Mandodari's chastity to her husband Ravana - each one of these characters has a unique story and tells us the power of women.

The History of Indian Handloom

Handloom weaving is an ancient art form that has been practiced in India for centuries. India is an art-rich country, where it was used to create clothing and other items. The craft of handloom weaving has evolved and is still widely practiced today.

Handloom weaving is a labor-intensive process that requires dedication, skill, and patience. It involves intricate patterns and techniques such as ikat, brocade, jamdani, and Kantha that are unique to India. The wide variety of fabrics produced by handlooms has made them popular worldwide.

The Indian government has taken steps to protect this traditional art form by providing subsidies and incentives for weavers and setting up exhibitions to promote their work. Handlooms has become a symbol of Indian culture and heritage, representing the country’s rich history of craftsmanship.

About Us

Panchakanya is a multi-trade company dedicated to promoting and preserving the beauty of Indian handloom and craft. At Panchakanya we are promoting art you would not know. We are giving a chance to the women who have the skills but they do not have any platform.

One of our main targets is Indian handloom which has a long history and every region of India has a unique and different style for this. We have committed to showcasing this tradition in the form of products so that everyone can understand the value of our art and culture.

We also support other traditions like crafts, including pottery, woodworking, metalwork, and embroidery. These traditions are not only beautiful but also part of India’s culture. By supporting these artisans we are bringing these traditions back to our culture so that people can understand the value of these products.

Our Goal

Our main goal is to cover all parts of India and include more handmade products. We believe that art is not just a commodity to be bought and sold but also a part of our precious culture that must be preserved for a long time. We are trying to give more value and attention to this tradition so that artisans should get the value that they deserve. We hope that the upcoming years will be beneficial for artisans who work hard to make these traditions alive.